"THE SKYPECK FAMILY TRUST" is the manager for Mr. George L.Skypeck's artistic
endeavors and activities related to his unique military/veteran commemorative artwork. ALL Mr.
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George L.Skypeck,RegTm
Military Commemorative Artist &
Combat Disabled Veteran. This is
home of the world famous poem
"SOLDIER" by the artist.
Artist is a  Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, AMVETS,  Military Order of the Purple Heart, American
Legion, AFIO, an ARTIST MEMBER of the famous SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS. And has received numerous awards from them and other
organizations, agencies and governments  for his military and veteran commemorative artworks, besides his many military decorations.
"Remember America, the Price of Freedom has
always been paid for  by those who have enjoyed
its fruits the least but cherished its meaning
the most." (GLS)
"Assured Victory..A 09-11-2001 and War On Terrorism(GWOT) Memorial" (32"x48" acrylic on wood board. Was on public display
at Arlington National Cemetery from 2001-2014.)
NOTICE: Suggestions as to what and where this painting will go as a donation from
the SkypeckFamilyTrust. SUGGESTIONS TO:
Your Nomination for this Donation is(Mail here).
To All America's enemies--Foreign And Domestic--DONT MESS WITH OUR TROOPS
AND HEROES!!--We veterans will find you and bring justice to you all. They Volunteered to
serve America in the worst, most dangerous places and environments in existence. NEVER
FORGET They did that because YOU, America, asked them to do it at great personal risk for
little, if any reward! "SKY's" artworks say that!
"De Oppresso Liber!"