Patriotic Artwork by George L.Skypeck, Registered US
Trademark, Copyright All Rights Reserved.
Did You forget or remember 09-11-2001 today?...If You forgot that day
and date,
You've forgotten the American Patriots since that date that
Their hopes, dreams, careers, families and lives FOR YOU!!
Just a silent single thought, prayer, or unspoken plea for
Their honor to
be remembered today(09-11-2015) will embrace
You as another
AMERICAN PATRIOT! Please do it--for AMERICA and Your future.
" Remember All of our Veterans and Patriots..past and present..1775-2015 and
'especially '09-11-2001 & The War On Terrorism'...LEST WE FORGET!!"
" 50th Anniversary of theVietnam War", 18"x24" acrylic on wood panel
commemorative painting. Limited edition prints available from the
Gainesville, TX, Medal of Honor Host City Program.(Below)
HERTZ/USAA!--It will be a 'cold day in hell',or
Denver, before I rent another vehicle from your
facility! Worst service I ever experienced!
(Below) "Assured Victory,A 09-11-2001 & War on Terrorism Memorial"(32"s48" acrylic on wood
panel, shown on loan to Arlington National Cemetery's Visitors' Center, Washington,DC; (Left Below)
famous poem
"SOLDIER" litho(18"x24" ); (Lower Right) "Patriot's Pride..the Purple Heart"(24"x24"
acrylic on wood panel
)-a history of this oldest US medal from the Revolution, through all wars and
variations from the original Gen. George Washington designed
"Badge of Military Merit"(24"x 24"
acrylic on wood panel) through the
"Wound Chevron of WW1"; to Today's Purple Heart Medal
(Center) for WIA and KIA military service members since 1782.
and FRANCE in this latest battle for Humanity's