The Skypeck Family Trust  is the
contact agency for Mr. Skypeck's
artworks and lithographs and any
questions regarding their availability.
Skypeck Family Trust contact
For our Veterans and Patriots
of this and all our wars:
Copyright,All Rights Reserved
" A 09-11-2001 And War on Terrorism Memorial"
32"x48" acrylic on gessoed  wood panel, shown on
loan for public display to Arlington National
Cemetery's Visitor Center from 2001-2014.
Arlington National Cemetery's Hall of Heroes and
donated MOH Commemorative painting(left)
" The Nation which destroys Humanity's
destroys Humanity, and,
By George L.Skypeck RegTM Copyright.
The way Europe and the World is today,...I
gratefully realize why my grandparents left
Eastern Europe before the First World War and
why my family has served America since then in
"Never turn your back on the Russian Bear!"
Grandfather George)